Get Your Employees And Office Ready For Moving Day

An upcoming moving day can create a stressful environment for anyone, and this certainly includes a large company like yours with lots of employees, equipment, and inventory that will need relocated. If you want to make the process go more smoothly, you might want to start looking at local commercial moving companies sooner rather than later. In the meantime, here are some tips for you and your employees that might help prepare you for the big day.

Label All Documents and Pack up Neatly

Any move is going to lead to some downtime for your business, but your daily routine could really get a wrench thrown into it if you have to spend days or weeks after the move trying to properly sort all of your filing cabinets or document folders. Give your employees plenty of advance notice of the move, and make sure everyone has access to labels or other signage that will clearly identify where your company documents are stored during the move and who it all belongs to. This will help the movers get these items to the right person in the new building, and will get your entire business back up and running much more quickly.

Break Out the Bubble Wrap

Another supply you should make sure every employee gets a hold of is a large quantity of bubble wrap or another protective cover. Most of your employees likely have expensive electronics on their desks. Make sure every laptop or computer monitor is covered, front and back. This will help you keep your equipment in one piece and allow it to survive the occasional bump in the road while being moved. Your commercial moving company may also offer packing services that can make this process go even more smoothly and will free your employees to stay focused on other tasks instead of worrying about wrapping everything up.

Have Employees Contact Their Customers or Clients

For best results from a customer standpoint, make sure your clients know what is going on in advance of the move as well. Have each employee contact clients individually if you often provide one-on-one service; otherwise, you can just send out a general email to every customer in your address book. If you will be out of action for some time, make sure you give customers the date you expect to be back in business.

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