Four Ideas To Help Keep Your Self-Storage Unit Organized

Having a self-storage unit can be a great option for clearing your home of clutter, but without an organization plan, the unit can become messy. Here are some helpful tips you can use to keep your self-storage unit neat and organized.

Mark The Floor

If you need to a lot space for several large items in addition to your boxes, consider measuring each large item first and writing all the measurements down on a piece of paper. Map out the storage space to determine where everything will fit based on the measurements, and then use the map to mark the floor with painter's tape. Use the tape to create an outline for items such as couches or dressers. Once everything is marked, you can simple fit the items into the tape outlines like a large 3-D puzzle.

Use Clear Bins

Instead of colored plastic tubs or plain moving boxes, consider using clear plastic bins. These make it easier to see everything stored inside, so you can quickly find the items you want without having to rummage through every container in the unit. If you can't replace all of your containers with plastic bins, you can also take pictures of the items stored inside and tape the images to the outside of each container.

Put The Rafters To Work

Some self-storage units come with exposed ceilings, which means you can use the rafters to help store items. Use a series of S-hooks and bungee cords to create a netting system to store everything from holiday decorations to camping gear. You can also use hooks or hangers with the bungee cords to hang garment bags and other items. Be sure to check with the storage facility to make sure that hanging items from the rafters is not prohibited before you set up this storage idea.

Add A Closet Organizer

Closet organizers can be used to organize your self-storage unit as well. Look for closet systems that stand on the ground and that feature multiple shelves. This will give you a variety of options for storing large and small boxes. You may even be able to find closet systems with built-in drawers, which can be used to hold packing supplies or small items you want to pack away. If you have clothes that you want to store in garment bags, using a closet organizer in your self-storage unit is an ideal option. For protection against moths, look for an organizer system crafted from cedar.

Use these ideas to help arrange and organize your self-storage unit so you have space for all of your items. For more information, contact companies like Arctic Self Storage.