4 Tips For Using Your Wardrobe To Save Money While Packing Your Kitchen

If you are moving, you may have a strict budget to which you must adhere. If so, you may not be able to purchase all of the packing supplies you need to protect your dishes and cookware. If so, use the four tips below for using your wardrobe to save money while packing up your kitchen.

Slide Your Plates into Your T-shirts

Instead of using newspapers or buying segmented cardboard to pack your dishes, slide your plates and platters into your t-shirts. Especially if you have ones that are made from thick cotton, the material keeps the dishes from sliding across one another.

After sliding individual dishes into single shirts, stack them on top of one another. Then, stuff the excess material on the sides into any holes between the plates and box. This gives you padding around the edges without having to buy peanuts or other stuffing materials.

Protect Your Glassware in Socks

If you have glassware, you can make use of your socks to protect them. Simply insert one glass into a single sock until the bottom touches the toe. Then, stuff the remaining end of the sock into the glass. This extra fabric inside the glass helps absorb impact caused by movement during transport.

Wrap Your Heavy Pots and Pans with Denim

For heavy pots and pans, including cast iron cookware, use your denim jeans and jackets to wrap them before packing. Because cookware tends to be heavier than regular dishes, the extra weight from the denim material protects the piece that is wrapped inside. It also keeps the edges from damaging other pans packed with the pot.

After wrapping the denim around the pots and pans, place them in a box. The excess material can be used to stuff holes and keep the contents from slipping and sliding while moving.

Use Your Winter Coats as Extra Padding

Once you have packed the boxes the way you like them, you may find that there is still space above the plates, glasses, or pans. If so, use your and your family's coats to fill in the spaces. Since most winter coats are insulated, they can provide the extra padding the contents need for protection against items falling on top of the boxes.

Using the above tips can help you save money on packing materials and save space by packing two different areas in your house at the same time. If you need more tips on moving your home on a budget, you may want to ask for advice from the moving service, like Redondo Van & Storage.