Tips For Packing Up Your Pantry

If you are moving across the country or simply to a nicer, newer apartment after you got your first full-time job, you probably want to make sure that you can bring as much of your pantry as possible. You have probably invested a decent amount of money in your spices and, with the cost of moving and buying new supplies for your apartment, you probably don't want to add replacing your spices to the expense list. Here are some tips for packing up your spices and other parts of your pantry so that you don't have to replace them.

1. Double Bag Your Flour and Sugar

You might have a bag of flour or a box of sugar that you want to take with you. However, you can see from the white marks around the flour or sugar that the bag is not totally airtight. You probably don't want to risk having sugar spill all over the place and attract bugs and vermin to your packed food.

You have two main options for packing up your flour and sugar. You can either buy cute mason jars that have lids that you can pour the remainder of the bag into or you can take grocery bags and wrap 2 or 3 around the entire bag of flour or sugar. If you are planning on displaying your dried goods, then the mason jars are the way to go because they are aesthetically pleasing. If you are planning on shoving your flour to the back of the pantry because you rarely use it, then grocery bags are a very economical way to go.

2. Tape Down Your Lids

For your spice collection, tape down the lids of each of the spice shakers with masking tape. This will keep them from opening and spilling everywhere. Then, put them in a box, packed as tightly as possible so that they don't tip over. Finally, mark which end of the box is up and be sure to write on the box that you should keep it out of the sun. You don't want the spices getting warm because there is a chance that they might dry out.

3. Distribute Cans

Finally, be sure that you are putting a few cans in every box. Canned food lasts practically forever, but if you put all of it in a single box, it might be too heavy for you to carry. Instead, distribute a few cans in each box so that you can take your collection of canned foods inside a few at a time.

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